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Training Program For Speakers To Get You Booked On Stages Consistently!

Build Your Brand, Speak On Stages, & Get Paid What You’re Worth

Get the word out about what you do!

The SpeakPro Academy is an online program for entrepreneurs that want to build an expert-based business by growing and monetizing an audience

This is for content creators, speakers, coaches, consultants, and business owners, that want to get more visibility to their brand. 

  • Get booked on stages 
  • Sell your expertise
  • Create presentations sell

What ‘unfair advantage’ do you have in your business?


You need to MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN in your industry.

Maybe you’ve noticed more and more people are looking for ways to get the word out about what they do. 

Videos, podcasts, speaking on stages…people are doing anything and everything to grab attention.

But there are certain people in every industry who are more talked about than others. They’re the ones that get a bigger piece of the ‘money’ pie.


Are they naturally charismatic on camera?

Do they get lucky when they find stages to speak on?

Or did they learn it?

You have to master the ability to grab, keep, and convert attention into sales.

Why do so many entrepreneurs struggle? 

Because nobody knows who they are.

Think about it. 

How much more business would you have if you knew how to capture attention by the balls and squeeze every ounce of profit out of it?  

More and more people are doing crazy things to build a following. They’re making it harder and harder to keep people’s attention and convert that attention into sales. 

Understand one thing…

Communication = Wealth

Your favorite YouTubers, Content Creators, Personal Brands, Podcasters, aren’t successful because of dumb luck.

They’re successful because they’ve mastered the ability to communicate in such a way that it builds a following and grows their bottom line. 

They speak on stages.

They captivate an attention on camera.

And they generate a ton of revenue.

All because they learned to use the ‘gift of gab’ to grow their business.

It’s time for you to make yourself known and give yourself an unfair advantage in your industry

What’s inside SpeakPro Academy:

Daily Accountability

Access to the private members-only group to hold you  accountable to growing your business

Training Modules

Detailed training on how to use speaking to get the word out so you can build and monetize your audience.

Templates & Resources

The resources and templates are worth their weight in gold. Use these to scale your business faster.

And more

You get hours upon hours of additional training and tons of resources. We are always updating the program

The step by step process for getting on stages


Members-only group to answer all your questions 24/7


The process for building an audience in any niche


Monetizing your audience regardless of size


Finding speaking opportunities in any niche


Creating online courses to expand your brand


Becoming the authority in your industry


Book downloads


Content creation process to build a following


Sales funnel templates


Outlines for creating different types presentations


Mastering the ability to capture, keep, and convert attention into sales


Webinar scripts & objection scripts to increase conversions


The business side of becoming a full time speaker


Video/audio equipment checklists


Webinar email promotion templates so you can get attendees to your webinars


Time management strategies to hold you accountable


And more. Lots more…

You’ll Get A Sneak Peek Behind-The-Scenes At How Entrepreneurs Use The Power Of To Build Their Business

There’s A Lot Going On That You Don’t See

You’ll Get A Sneak Peek Behind-The-Scenes At How Entrepreneurs Are Selling Their Expertise To Monetize Their Audience

Develop The “It Factor”

 Have you noticed that some people are more captivating than others?

Why do they command more attention?

All content creators can benefit from improving their ability to capture, keep, and convert attention into sales.

This comes in handy when you’re selling on webinars, keeping people engaged with content, speaking on stages, and more.

Fill up your speaking schedule


  • Finding & Contacting Events
  • Your Marketing Materials
  • Building Name Recognition
  • Daily Activities

If your social media following is bigger than your bank account then you’re building your business wrong

Build The Brand

Monetize an audience

You need to see what’s going on behind-the-scenes of how 7 figure brands are built.

Which sales funnels are best? How do you monetize your audience? You need to become the person people talk about in your industry because it’s not enough to play in the content-creation game. You have to stand out. 

What Programs Are Inside The SpeakPro Academy?

Resources Inside SpeakPro Academy:


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