Content Marketing Machine

In this program you build out your content marketing process so you’re producing content that generates more sales for your business.

The start of your content machine

Content marketing will help you increase awareness to generate more sales. Make sure you have your program built and sales process built before creating a ton of content.

Why should I do content marketing?
Measuring Content Marketing
How to create good content
The buyer's journey
Creating the style of your show
Creating your avatar
Creating Thumbnail Images

Benji Bruce

Instructor Benji is the founder of Speaking Lifestyle. After building an entertainment business as an illusionist, performing for Fortune 500 companies, Benji started an online business to help others with their marketing.

Equipment List

LIst of equipment for creating your videos and podcast

Creating Your Content Process

Now it’s time to create your process
Systematizing your content marketing process
Coming up with ideas for new content
Creating an editorial calendar
Thinking like a TV producer
Making content that sells
Video Equipment
Content workflow - for videos
Recording My Podcast
Audio Equipment
Repurposing Content

Filming with your phone

You don’t need fancy equipment to create video and audio. This is how you use your phone.
Recording with my phone
Start-To-Finish Workflow
My Facebook Live Phone Studio
Using your phone for a podcast
Phone Apps