11 Step CRM Setup & Event Pipeline

Use this as a guide for the steps you need to take to build out your event sales pipeline

The Training – Finding & Contacting Events

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Prospecting - Finding Events Part 1 (45:34)

Prospecting - Finding Events Part 2 (51:23)

Contacting Events (41:39)

*update - you can include a small email signature at the bottom of your emails*

More Training

How I use my CRM (14:50)
Booking An Event - Live Demonstration of the process (6:32)
Building a prospecting list FAST
Prospecting Review: Customizing email example (15:57)
Prospecting Review - Breaking down the process (13:01)
Writing Your Email Pitch (20:51)
Contacting Big Companies & Finding The Right Person (6:25)
Too Many Leads To Keep Track Of - How To Segment (4:49)
Responding to - 'We don't pay speakers'

Building an event team (43:11)

Building Out YOUR Sales Process

1. Psychological Game Of Prospecting

Prospecting Pipeline
Creating A Customer Profile
CRM Sales Pipeline
Lead Score
Sales Cadence
Finding Events Checklist
Base CRM example
Email Templates
Email Pitch Template
Hashtags/Keywords for finding conferences
Real email conversation example
Follow Up Ideas
Finding Company Names
Hiring Questions

2. Fleshing Out Your Customer Profile

5. Build your lead generation guidelines

8. Contacting Your Leads

11. How to craft your emails

14. Incoming Deals - leads to opportunity

3. Criteria for a qualified lead

6. Sending The First Email

9. Pitch Template Email

12. Analyze results to improve your process

15. Building Your Sales Stack

4. Building your database of leads

7. Qualification - Classify a lead

10. Getting Your Emails Opened

13. What to do when they reply

16. Your follow up process

July 2nd call recordings
LeadGen Live Part 1 - (1hr 23min)
LeadGen Live Part 2 - (2hr)
LeadGen Live Part 3 - (39:57)
August 13th call recordings
LeadGen Live August 13th Part 1 - 1hr 29min
LeadGen Live August 13th Part 2 - 1hr 51min