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This is how you build and monetize an audience to grow a business around your advice

17-Step Action Plan

These are the steps you have to get done.

Use this, in combination with the training below.

Watch The Live Sessions

We held weekly live sessions to make sure everyone was implementing. These are the recording from Facebook.


The Live sessions follow the 17-step action plan so make sure you follow along with the action plan on the left.


1. Building Your Program

First, you need to build your program so you have something to sell. These training videos will walk you through the process of building a winning program from the start. You’ll see the exact tools you need, how to create the backend, and more. Start here…

2. Build Your Sales Process

Once you have a program, you need a sales process that will generate revenue consistently. These training videos will show you exactly how to build a sales process so your program is constantly selling instead of sitting around.

3. Content Machine

Once you have your program built, and a sales process that generates revenue consistently, it’s time for you to create content so you can squeeze as much profits out of your programs as possible. Content marketing will increase awareness so you can keep people’s attention long enough for them to buy.

"If your number of social media followers is bigger than your bank account then you're building your business wrong."

– Benji Bruce