Building Your Online Program

This is how you build a program that sells

Before you build your program...

Do these things before you start building your program to make sure you’re doing thing the right way from the start 
"How do I make the program so compelling only an idiot wouldn't buy?"
Promoting while you create
How can I sell it before creating it?
What type of product should you create?
Picking your market
Narrowing the niche
Getting inside your target market's head

Benji Bruce


Benji is the founder of Speaking Lifestyle. After building an entertainment business as an illusionist, performing for Fortune 500 companies, Benji started an online business to help others with their marketing.

Customer Profile

Learn everything you can about who your customer is and what they want

Creating the backend for your product

Now it’s time to build the ‘look’ & ‘feel’ of your program. This is what other people will see when they buy
Pick a platform for your program
Design your members area
Protect your content
Set up payment options
My Tech Stack - The technology I use to create & sell programs


These are the tools you’ll want to use to build and monetize your program

Making the product

You know what the backend of your program looks like. Now it’s time to make the program itself…
What type of program should you create?
Getting ideas for the content in your program
How to outline the content in your program
Where should you host your member content?
Videos – Vimeo. Audio – Libsyn
Scheduling Time To Make The Product - Start Creating
Film as much as possible, then edit another day

Members Area Checklist

Checklist for building out your online program and members area

Adding New Programs

Checklist when you want to add new programs to your members area

Selling the product

You’ve built the program…now let’s sell it
Create the funnel
Make a Facebook group & collect social proof
Writing emails that sell
Test different offers
You need to master yoru marketing tactics and techniques
Updating your program