Customer Avatar/Profile

Use this to define who you’re targeting. Build out an ideal profile.

Contract Template

Use this for your contracts/agreements with events

Event Avatar/Profile

Use this to define the events you’re targetting for gigs

Email Templates

All the email templates for contacting events and following up

List of questions

Questions to ask when people want to hire you

Contract Sent - Template

Send these emails if they’re in the ‘contract sent’ phase of the pipeline and they haven’t given the deposit yet.

Finding Events - Prospecting

These are different methods for finding speaking opportunities

Follow Up Script

Things to say when you’re following up with clients

Publicity Expert

Send producers an email to introduce yourself as an expert they can call upon for breaking news

Platform Selling Notes

A breakdown of Tony Robbins’ selling from the stage

Phone Script

Ask these questions when someone wants to hire you to speak

Cold Call Script

Use this as an example to create your own cold call script

Copywriting text

Use this to create website copy that works for you

Suppliers List

List of suppliers you can connect with

Video Equipment

Professional equipment for recording videos

Keynote Website

These are the files to build this Divi website:

Pipelines & Funnels

These are pipelines and funnels so you know what to do every step of the way

Divi Website Layouts

Divi Templates For Your Website

Divi Instructions

Divi Tutorials

Design Ideas

Use these ideas for designing header images to your website and more

Email Script

Email template examples (change it to suit you)

Ad Copy Creation

Use this to help you create ad copy

Sponsor Script

Template email to get your speaking fee sponsored

Webinar Email Templates

Templates for your webinar funnel. They will help you create the emails to promote and sell your webinar

Adword Ideas

Keywords to start with when you’re creating your Google Adwords Campaigns

Hashtags for finding events

Use this to find events online with Twitter, Instagram, etc

Outbound lead workflow chart

This is your sales cadence for getting hired

CRM Example

Process for how we input & contact leads in Base CRM

Real Email Conversation

This is a real conversation I had to get the gig

Content Strategy

Use this as a guide to creating your content

Audio Equipment

Equipment for recording podcasts

These are pictures & ideas for graphics you can use to build your website:


speakpro photos and graphics

I built a website for you using the DIVI Theme. You have to purchase the theme for yourself to use the templates:

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