Online Sales Funnels

It’s time for you to create the sales process in your business. This is where all your money will be made.

Nailing Your Product-Market Fit

Before you build a sales funnel, you have to be very clear about who’s going ot buy what you’re sellingĀ 
Overview: Building Your Sales Funnel
Creating Your Avatar
Their Now/After Situation
What's the minimum amount you need to get started?

Keep this in mind...

Keep this in mind as you build your funnel
*What Exactly Is A Funnel?
What Tools Should I Use?
*Creating Your Offer - Make a promise
You need to master yoru marketing tactics and techniques
Finding Your Thank-You Offer

Benji Bruce

Instructor Benji is the founder of Speaking Lifestyle. After building an entertainment business as an illusionist, performing for Fortune 500 companies, Benji started an online business to help others with their marketing.

Now/After Situation

Worksheet for getting clear on how their life will change

Copywriting Formula

Formula for writing your copy for the sales pages of your programs

Divi Sales Page Templates

Templates using the Divi theme to help you create your sales page

Building Your Lead Magnet

The lead magnet is the start of your sales funnel. Get this right and you’ll generate tons of leadsĀ 
What Is A Lead Magnet?
Lead Magnet Formula
Example Of My Best Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet Checklist

Use this checklist to help you build a great lead magnet that will generate opt-ins

Create Your Funnel

Now it’s time to start creating your funnel
My 7 Figure Funnel
Webinar Funnel
Webinar Funnel Walkthrough
Thank You Offer Funnel
Broadcast Email Funnel
What To Do After They Go Through Your Funnel

Webinar Email Templates

Use these templates for your webinar funnel. They will help you create the emails to promote and sell your webinar

Webinar Slide Templates

Use these slides as a guide for creating your webinar. They will help you create webinars that sell

Funnels You Can Build

These are example of funnels you can create…from simple to copmlicated. Start with the ‘simple’ funnel
Simple Funnel
Video Ad Funnel
Coaching & Consulting Funnel
Webinar Funnel
Product Launch Funnel
Upsell/Downsell Funnel

Schedule A Call Funnel

This is the outline for getting people to schedule a free call with you

Free Call Sales Copy

This sales copy will help you generate consultation calls as your free offer

Creating An Offer

This worksheet will help you build out your offers for your sales pages

Mastering Your Offer

To make a million, you need to master your offer 45min.
What is a good offer?
How do you find YOUR offer?

Optimizing Your Funnels

Squeeze as much money out of your funnels as possible
Creating Your Upsells
Creating Your Downsells
Ascension Models


Without promotion, nothing happens. Promote promote promote
Setting up your Facebook Ad Account
You need to master yoru marketing tactics and techniques
Creating A Facebook Ad
You need to master yoru marketing tactics and techniques
Writing Emails That Sell
Promoting At Scale


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Put the best emails in your automation
You need to master yoru marketing tactics and techniques
Making Observations - When/What do they buy?
You need to master yoru marketing tactics and techniques
Evergreen Webinars
You need to master yoru marketing tactics and techniques