Overview of the steps to building a speaking business

*Use this as an guideline to see where you are in building your business*

  1. Pick a market
    1. Describe yourself as the type of speaker they hire
  2. Build website/image
    1. Videos
    2. Testimonials
    3. Pictures
  3. Set up your systems
    1. Write email templates
    2. Buy a CRM
    3. Buy email tracking software
    4. Checklist of ways for finding events
  4. Start Prospecting
    1. Build list of 50-100 events (using ‘checklist for finding events’)
    2. Contact the events (using the email templates)
  5. Implement Referral system (when a gig is booked)
    1. Get more video/testimonials/pictures
  6. Repeat the process
    1. Keep improving website/image
    2. Keep prospecting
  7. Optimize your process
    1. Demo video 
    2. Adwords 
    3. Publicity
    4. Speaker Bureaus
    5. Sell products
    6. Hire a team
Week 1: Picking Your Market
Week 2: Persuading Event Planners
Week 3: Online Presence (website, etc)
Week 4: Video Marketing - Getting Video Footage
Week 5: Business setup - what to do before you contact events
Week 6: Finding & Contacting Events
Week 7: Internet marketing - getting events to come to you
Week 8: Your referral system
Week 9: Speaker products
Week 10: Getting publicity
Week 11: Working with speaker bureaus
Week 12: Building a team
Wordpress plugins
Demo video structure
Speaker Contract
List of questions to ask when getting hired
Framing questions
Networker questions
Product IM funnel
Directory of speaker bureaus
Bureau questions