How To Use Email Templates

Email templates are designed to be used as a guide.

Customize the templates so each email makes sense to the individual you’re sending it to.

And when you pitch an event, think of the pitch as a conversation, not a ‘pitch’. You’re not talking ‘at’ them you’re talking ‘with’ them.

Do not copy/paste your email pitch. It needs to be customized or you won’t get a response.

We all can spot a copy/paste email from a mile away. You can, I can, they can. And what happens when we see a copy/paste email? We throw it into spam.

You’ll also notice the emails are short and very direct.


Because in-demand (powerful) people don’t waste time. Don’t waste your time and don’t waste their time. Get to the point. Be direct.

People who are desperate will oversell themselves. And if you come across as desperate then you’ll struggle to get hired.

It’s about having a conversation with them.

One last thing…

Test test test.

Keep testing different ways to write your email, etc. And test it with software like Yesware, Mailshake, etc. Don’t do it based on how you ‘feel’ about the email because your feelings don’t matter in business.