Can This Really Get You Booked On More Stages As A Keynote Speaker?

If you’re a keynote speaker…

Specifically a speaker who has a website, has booked gigs, and is actively WORKING to grow your speaking business…

Then this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

The reason why is because we’re going to show you how we get speakers booked on stages consistently. And we’re going to show you how to duplicate our process to get yourself on more stages.

You only need to do TWO things to get booked on stages consistently.

But in a world of distractions, speakers are doing too much and getting nothing done. Should you create a podcast? Videos? One sheet? Get paid gigs? Sell from the stage? Sell an online product? Build a funnel?

We get speakers booked on stages by focusing on two parts of their speaking business, as you’ll see.

Almost A Quarter-Million His First Year

Take Dave Davlin for example.

Before working with us, he was literally praying to God that someone would help him with his marketing. And within a year he ended up doing almost a quarter-million.

First, we worked on his website. And then Dave mastered the event finding process.

He got a CRM and put our sales process in place.

The CRM & sales process allowed him to get clear on what to do from start to finish to get booked.

He put the email templates in place so he knew exactly what to say to events and how to follow up.

Then he went into beast-mode and followed the process we laid out for him.

In fact, he contacted so many events that he was getting boggled down in the responses.

Here’s his story…


3 Gigs In 3 Weeks…Then Her First $25,000 Speaking Gig

Magie was a rockstar from the beginning.

She knew little about websites or any of the technology but this was her dream so she acted fast.

She got her website up in 2 days using the website templates we built out for all the speakers.

Then she became obsessed with the sales process for finding and contacting events.

She customized her CRM exactly as described, she put all the email templates in place and other resources, then she started contacting events like crazy.

Within 3 weeks she booked 3 gigs.

A few months after that, she booked her first $25,000 speaking gig

Her First $30,000 Month As A Speaker

Betsy was already doing well as a speaker but she wanted more. More gigs, more revenue, more, more, more.

So she invested in almost all the speaker-training programs out there, but she had ONE BIG PROBLEM…

They didn’t show her how to actually get the gig. They talked about how to present on stage, create a bio, and everything else she was already doing. But nothing that went into detail on how to systematize the ‘getting gigs’ process.

Then she learned what you’re going to implement and she did her first $30,000 month as a speaker.

His first $200,000 year (and he doesn’t live in the U.S.)

Bob lives in Canada so he was wondering if these techniques worked for getting booked in another country.

So what’s the first thing we did with Bob?

We showed him the changes he needed to make to his website. Bob already had plenty of pictures and videos to use because he’s been doing this for a long time.

But he wanted to charge higher fees and get those fees more often.

We helped him fix the website, combined it with our sales process for finding and contacting events, and then he got his first $10,000 gig…

At the end of the year, Bob didn’t want to brag so he almost didn’t post this inside our private group…

“I Live In A Different Country, How Do I Get Booked?”

Helio lives in the UK and he was making plenty of money with his coaching business.

He wanted to expand his speaking business to get paid gigs. But how?

First, we worked on his website to help him make improvements.

At first, he didn’t have pictures of him on stages to use for his website.

So what did we do?

Inside the SpeakPro Academy we let speakers use crowd pictures from our events.

The pictures show crowds and rooms but you can’t see the speaker on the stage. 

This allows any speaker to use our photos on their websites until you can replace them with your own.

And that’s what Helio did. 

This is the website he had before joining the SpeakPro Academy….

‘Before’ Website

We helped him with his website…

Then we worked on his process for finding & contacting events in his country and he started getting booked…

‘After’ Website

Speaking Gigs & His Online Program

Will was already featured on Oprah, Dr. Oz, and several other TV shows before implementing our process. But like everyone else, he wanted more gigs and he wanted to sell his online program.

Once he went through the training and got his website updated, here’s what happened…

What do all these speakers have in common?

First, the obvious. They all joined the SpeakPro Academy to get the training, resources, and support they needed to get booked more often.

The process is simple, regardless of your speaking topic or what country you live in.

We focused on improving their website and building an outreach process to contact events.

Before joining, each one of these speakers already had a website and contacted events in the past.

But it wasn’t until they joined the SpeakPro Academy, and got more systematic, that they were able to fill up their speaking schedule on command.

We are looking to work with the anomalies. The speakers mentioned above are not your average results.

We’re looking for the speakers we can brag about. The speakers that get so many gigs that we have to put a disclaimer on them to talk about them.

Imagine what you can accomplish when you go ALL-IN with your speaking business.

Imagine if you stayed focused, disciplined, and had support to make sure you’re getting booked on stages.

You can fill up your speaking schedule on command. And more importantly, you’ll share your message with the world, doing what you love.

Getting speaking gigs is a systematic process that can take a long time if you try to figure it out by yourself.

Heck, most speakers don’t even know what a CRM is, let alone how to build out a systematic process for finding and contacting events.

The good new is,

We are going to give you everything you need to get booked on stages consistently

You don’t have write email templates for contacting events because we have all that for you.

You don’t have to worry about how to find events (regardless of what country you’re in) because we have the resources for you.

You don’t have to worry about a contract, or any ‘how to’ information, because it’s all been created for you.

All you have to do is ONE THING…

Implement what we’ve already built for you.

If you do that, you’ll get booked on more stages…consistently.

The only question is, are you an anomaly? Are you someone we can brag about?

Getting booked on stages consistently is harder than it looks. That’s why so many speakers struggle because referrals don’t cut it.

If you’re interested in becoming a SpeakPro Academy member, where you get TONS of training, resources, and support in our private Facebook Group, then…

Let’s Talk. Here’s what I’ve got for you:


The speakers mentioned above are members of the SpeakPro Academy. It’s an online program with lots of training, resources, and more importantly, never-ending support.

We are looking for speakers to brag about. Speakers who get so many gigs that we have to include a disclaimer on their results.

We’ll accomplish this by making sure you go through the training and implement it.

The SpeakPro Academy is best for the speakers who are already getting gigs, but want more. Speakers who literally want to fill up their schedule on command.

If you’re a newbie it will still work, just be prepared to WORK.

But before you join the SpeakPro Academy, if you would like to have your questions answered then you can schedule a call.

The call will be 25 minutes.

We will answer your questions about the SpeakPro Academy and go over the steps you need to take to get booked.

Before you apply, let me be brutally honest

This requires WORK. There’s no way around it.

You will implement the training, use the resources, and get all the support you need inside the group. Our only goal is to get you booked on as many stages as possible.

Let me be clear…we do not book gigs for you. This isn’t a “can you get gigs for me and I’ll give you a commission” situation. In fact, if you’re that type of speaker, we don’t want you in the program.

There is no way around the work.

What’s inside the SpeakPro Academy?

The video below shows you exactly what the backend of the SpeakPro Academy looks like.

You’ll get lots of training videos, templates galore, resources, and access to our private Facebook Group where you get all the support you need.

The goal is to systematize your approach to getting booked as a speaker so you can more gigs consistently.


Daily Accountability

Access to the private Facebook group to hold you  accountable to getting booked consistently.


SpeakPro Modules

These modules walk you through the entire process of building a speaking business from scratch.


Industry Icon

Build and monetize your audience. Create your online program. And sell the your online program consistently.


Brand Builder

This course helps you redesign your speaker website in a way that gets meeting planners to pick you.

Event Finder

This is the most detailed program you’ll ever learn from on how to find and contact events in a systematic way.

Website Layouts

If you don’t have a speaker website or you want to update yours, we included layouts to get your site up fast.

Templates & Resources

The resources and templates are worth their weight in gold. You get email templates, and resources for everything.

Presentation Persuasion

How do the top speakers sell from stage? This program gives you the step by step process for building a persuasive speech


How do you become the Authority? This program walks you through the process of building an expert business.

Photos & Graphics

If you don’t have pictures for your website then use ours. These pictures show audiences from real events.

Bootcamp Sessions

Information isn’t enough. So we host bootcamp sessions every month to get you to implement everything.

And more

You get hours upon hours of additional training and tons of resources. We are always updating the program